Sage 100 – Customer Last Purchase Maintenance

By | December 31, 2014

Customer Last Purchase Maintenance is used to display and maintain item purchase history information for customer. This task will assist you in determining specific items and prices that the customer has requested in the past. This information is updated automatically when transactions are entered or merged, and can be accessed by using the search feature in the Sales Order Entry.

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To navigate to the Customer Last Purchase Maintenance page, select Setup menu under Sales Order.


This task is only available if yes or invoice is selected in the Retain Customers’ Last Purchase History field in the Sales Order Option window.

If the Inventory Management module is integrated with Sales Order, customer’s last purchase history information is tracked for standard inventory item as well as miscellaneous items entered for Sales Order. If Inventory Management is not integrated, information is collected only for miscellaneous Item

Based on the selection that we make on Customer Last Purchase History page, the result is displayed. The Rebuild button helps gathering all the info for the company that we select whereas Clear button helps erasing all the History Data.2

Because the customer’s last purchase history information is immediately updated in all entries made in Sales Order Entry and S/O Invoice Data Entry, the information displayed represents the last entry for the customer and item and does not necessarily represent the last time that the item was purchased.

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