Streamline your front and back office operations with GUMU™ Integration for Sage X3 with Salesforce

By | May 5, 2016

Is it time for an integrated business system?

Nowadays, businesses have multiple software applications supplementing the company’s operations. This creates complexity and hinders their ability to gain a single view of the customer, employee and supplier information. Enterprises need software applications to run together by synchronizing data and ensuring a bi-directional flow of information on a real-time basis. Greytrix with its robust GUMU™ connector offers Sage ERP – Salesforce integration empowering companies to connect their customer, accounting, payroll and finance data into a holistic system.

What does Greytrix GUMU™ connector bring to your business?

It is important to integrate ERP and CRM in order to visualize your customers as whole entities and not as separate and unequal parts. Greytrix GUMU™ connector for Sage ERP X3 – integration assists enterprises to take the ERP data to the cloud, giving salespeople around the clock, 360-degree view of customer interactions.

Features of an integrated Salesforce – Sage X3 approach

  1. Real-Time Information View 
    Get a real-time view of important Quotes, Sales Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Credit Notes and Payments Receipts against Invoices on user-friendly Salesforce tabs for any particular customer.
  1. Authorization Control
    GUMU™ Security Matrix empowers system administrators to set different access levels with prescribed user privileges. This provides the organization power to secure data and control systems effectively.
  1. Easy to Promote
    GUMU™ allows the sales team using Salesforce to easily promote Customers and Sales Orders from Salesforce to Sage X3. Thus reducing data redundancy and manual data entry efforts to Sage X3.
  1. Entity Synchronization
    Enterprises have the flexibility to map/import any custom or standard Sage X3 entity data into Salesforce objects. This can further be leveraged to perform analysis using any Wave Analytics, Dashboard reporting and Visual charts. With the cloning feature, you can reformat/filter/restructure existing entity without disturbing its original form and use it for a specific purpose. You can also set schedules to sync entities as per your need and have the option to support multiple sync of entities with processes running in the background. Log tracking provides you with complete progress track.
  1. Linking Customers
    By linking existing Sage X3 customers with Salesforce accounts, the enterprise can avoid data duplication.
  1. Access data on the go
    Cross-device integration, critical information regarding leads, customers, and orders can be accessed across devices – Sales Order created, can be promoted to Sage X3 on the go.
  1. Flexibility to Configure

    Add or Create new Inquiries in Salesforce system as per your business needs based on the data in Sage X3. Modify existing Inquiries to include custom fields in Salesforce reflecting associated Sage X3 data.

GUMU™ integration for Sage X3 with Salesforce offers cloud access to your accounting data and also maps it to the sales information seamlessly. This offers real-time and bi-directional data accessibility, giving you a 360° view of customer interaction effectively.

Seize this opportunity and envision your business’s growth.

Watch DEMO – GUMU™ connector simplifying your business processes from front office to back office for your Salesforce – Sage X3 systems. Bring out the best of the two business management systems and offer better customer relationships propelling your enterprises to the next level.

GUMU™ connector not just seamlessly integrates the two revolutionary systems Salesforce and Sage X3 but offers a wide range of features and functionalities that benefit your business investments.

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