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How to resolve the error “Field not expected into group” for Sage X3-Salesforce Integration

The purpose of this blog is to offer a resolution for the “Field not Expected into Group” error in Sage X3 Salesforce Integration. In the intricate integration setup between Salesforce and Sage X3 ERP, encountering errors during entity record promotions can disrupt the smooth flow of data. How does the error “Field not expected into… Read More »

Streamline your front and back office operations with GUMU™ Integration for Sage X3 with Salesforce

Is it time for an integrated business system? Nowadays, businesses have multiple software applications supplementing the company’s operations. This creates complexity and hinders their ability to gain a single view of the customer, employee and supplier information. Enterprises need software applications to run together by synchronizing data and ensuring a bi-directional flow of information on a… Read More »