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Salesperson Mapping Functionality in GUMU™ for Salesforce – Sage X3 ERP Integration

In our GUMU™ integration, we have Salesperson Mapping functionality for linking Salesforce users with Sage X3 Salesperson. This functionality integrates the Account Owner field in Salesforce with the “Sales Rep” field in Sage X3. Assigning Sale Rep in Sage X3 for Customers: Click on the “Common Data” section in Sage X3. Click on “Customers”. Select the customer to whom you want to… Read More »

Synching Additional (Order Details) Fields from Salesforce to Sage X3 ERP

In the previous blog, we looked on the ways to sync additional fields (at Order Header level) from SF to Sage X3 system In this blog we will discuss how the user can sync additional field values and override certain field values. This applies to GUMU Order Detail screen for selected Product & promoting Sales Order… Read More »