Salesperson Mapping Functionality in GUMU™ for Salesforce – Sage X3 ERP Integration

By | August 9, 2023

In our GUMU™ integration, we have Salesperson Mapping functionality for linking Salesforce users with Sage X3 Salesperson. This functionality integrates the Account Owner field in Salesforce with the “Sales Rep” field in Sage X3.

Assigning Sale Rep in Sage X3 for Customers:

  • Click on the “Common Data” section in Sage X3.
  • Click on “Customers”.
  • Select the customer to whom you want to assign the Sales Representative.
  • Click on the “Save” button.
Sales Rep Field X3
Sales Rep Field X3

Steps for Salesperson Mapping:

  • Navigate to “GUMU Settings” in the App Launcher.
  • Click on the “Salesperson Mapping” tab.
  • Select the integration from the list if the default one is not loaded, enter filter values (if needed) for first & Last name values, and click on the “Get List” button.
  • Once the list loads start mapping the respective Sage X3 Sales Rep with the Salesforce user.
    For e.g.: Refer to the below screenshot in which we have mapped Sage X3 Sales rep “AO251” with Salesforce user “Demo Sage”.
Salesperson Mapping
Salesperson Mapping
  • Click on the “Save” button.
  • Once the mapping is done, then start the import routine for Salesperson.
  • Now you can view the Sage X3 Sales rep as an account owner in Salesforce.
Account Owner Field
Account Owner Field
  • This will map your Sage X3 Sales Rep field with the Salesforce account owner field bi-directionally:
    • Sage X3 to Salesforce: If you import any customer from Sage X3 using the GUMU Import routine, which contains “AO251” as a salesperson. Then in Salesforce while creating/updating that Company, the Account Owner value will be set as “Demo Sage” as he is the Salesforce user mapped with “AO251” in the Salesperson Mapping.
    • Salesforce to Sage X3: If you create any new customer in Salesforce and try to promote it to X3 then while promoting that customer to X3, it will auto-load the Sage X3 salesperson in the salesperson field which is already mapped with that company’s Account owner field in Salesperson mapping.

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