Acumatica Checkbook Integration

By | November 29, 2022

Greytrix Acumatica integration combines the power of two systems to help the business scale its probability. The Acumatica Checkbook integration help improves productivity and meets upcoming business demands by having more control over the digital check payment process. This blog gives you an introduction to Acumatica Checkbook

Acumatica checkbook integration

The Acumatica and integration allow users to automate payments at the click of a button. Acumatica tracks and reconciles the payment information and updates the payment status allowing businesses to accelerate and simplify the process of sending checks digitally from Acumatica using a secure payment solution. The integration processes the data in real-time with accuracy and with easier installation, and configuration.

Without the hassle of any changes to the payment entry or approval process of Acumatica, businesses can deploy the most effective and secure method to make payments. The most effective solution is integrated with the accounts payable and cash management modules of Acumatica which helps in triggering the automated payments to send payments automatically. The person receiving the check can then print the check received or deposit it online and the ACH transaction of e-check/ electronic check takes place. After the payment is settled General Ledger and the Accounts Payable workflow is updated from Acumatica in real-time. The solution also offers an easy selection of banks or accounts in Acumatica which is mapped with Checkbook to know the status of the payment.

The Acumatica Checkbook integration provides users the advantage of setting up ACH payments only once which is applied to every bank the user works with, through Acumatica Vendor Payment Services. Acumatica integration with Checkbook eliminates the need of printing checks and mail them out manually due to which the possibility of an error is nullified.

Key Points:

  • Automate Process:

It reduces manual tasks and minimizes human errors, as users get accurate payment data and information from Acumatica

  • Send payments by e-mail

Most often payments are delayed due to insufficient information like physical address, account numbers, and routing numbers. But online digital checks process payments with just an email.

  • Secured payment

Security is a major concern while making online payments.  Acumatica Checkbook integration assists users to make secure payments online using digital checks.  Avoid fraud or tampering issues with physical checks.

  • Integrated Accounts Payable

Integrate the solution without changing any payment method or approval policies in Acumatica.  Uses the same bank as setup in Acumatica. Checks are sent once the payments are approved in Acumatica.

  • Send Multiple checks in one click

Users can send multiple checks with one click on sent to checkbook button.

  • Support PDF file format

Integration attaches the pdf file over the email for ACH and digital payment method which includes vendor detail and the remittance detail.

  • Data Accuracy and Reconciliation

Digital check uses the same bank, payee details, vendor account number, and preferences, as selected on the payment, entered.  This enables prompt clearance without any errors and assists reconciliation

  • Track Payments and status               

Instantaneously track check status from Acumatica.  One system to track all payments. Payments are tracked as the recipient receives and deposits the payment. Once the payments are voided it is updated back into Checkbook. 

Hope this blog has given insights and benefits of Acumatica Checkbook Integration developed by Greytrix. There are more blogs on various topics in Acumatica Checkbook on this page.