24 Highlights of Sage Partner Summit 2021 in 10 minutes!

Sage Partner Summit held between 25 – 27 May 2021 concluded this year with a purpose, the promise to grow #StrongerTogether! Sage witnessed around 2000 virtual attendees for the conference while the event served as a platform for the global audience to optimize their business solutions and redefine business. Amidst the vast knowledge flowing during… Read More »

Portals in Sage Intacct

Portals are used for accessing company site by outside member like Customers, Presenters, Developers, etc. It allows Login functionality for individual portal user and can add their feedback, file, status based on the type of business they are involved in.In this blog, we are going to discuss how Portals of Sage Intacct will help in… Read More »

Sage Intacct Inventory Analysis Report

Sage Intacct Inventory Analysis Report shows the value of inventory item. Also, Inventory analysis represents essential for the assets of enterprise and the economic analysis. We can use this report to examine inventory. To generate this report, go to Inventory Control > All tab > Reports > Inventory > Analysis. The report settings page appears. Time period – Select… Read More »

Entities in Sage Intacct

Entities in Sage Intacct represents divisions, franchises, branches, partnerships, locations, self-balancing funds which are single handedly controlled by an entity using centralized Payables, Receivables and standard chart of accounts. The centralized entity has the term “Top Level” in Sage Intacct. The entity is used for data separation so the data of one entity cannot be… Read More »

Sage Podcast: Cloud Software Integration for Seamlessly Connected Apps

Software integration nowadays has become a necessity rather than a choice. Be it any eCommerce platform or any CRM or any application, integrating it with other systems like an ERP minimizes the scope of errors. So, what is it that an ERP integration can do which any application cannot do alone? Integration allows seamless flow… Read More »

Sage Intacct Merge fields in email template

To populate your emails with dynamic data from Intacct, use merge fields in your email templates. When you send an email, merge fields take customer information from Intacct and link it directly to the email. You can, for example, get the credit limit or the discount given to the customer. Merge fields give you the… Read More »

Migrate AR Payment method from Sage 300 ERP to Sage Intacct

Greytrix stands out for its Sage Intacct services being an offshore development partner with multi years of experience in migration, integration, add-ons and consulting services thus helping Sage Intacct partners and end users to simplify business operations at a low cost, quick turnaround time, highest quality and with maximum efficiency. Greytrix Sage Intacct development provides a seamless… Read More »

Reading Attachments through API

Attachments are useful in maintaining a track of any supportive documents added to any sale, purchase or journal entry transactions. Supporting information files/images can be attached for quotes, invoices, credit notes, payments, bills, journal entries.For instance, one can attach a receipt, brochure, commodity images, or any such transaction documents that might prove useful to the customers or vendors.… Read More »

User Types in Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a financial management and accounting software. The software is suitable for small to midsize businesses. It has an ability to automate financial processes and also provides financial reporting In this blog, we will be discussing about user types in Sage Intacct. When we configure a user, it’s vital to choose the proper user… Read More »

Sage Partner Summit 2021: Come Prepared to Grow Stronger Together!

Sage Partner Summit 2021 is finally happening and with a motto, we all grow Stronger Together! With resilience and resourcefulness, people are harnessing the power of technology to find new ways to reach those in need during this pandemic. The worst health crisis in memory is no match for this proud and active generation of… Read More »