How to set Reminder in Acumatica

By | September 28, 2023

Acumatica has one of the most useful features – the ability to set reminders. This helpful feature ensures that critical tasks and deadlines aren’t overlooked.

Let’s say you have an important meeting scheduled for next week or you have a project and project deadline is coming up. You can use Acumatica to set a reminder for that meeting. When the meeting time approaches, Acumatica will show you a pop-up message or send you a notification to remind you about it. Setting reminders in Acumatica is a helpful way to ensure you don’t miss important tasks or event.

We’ll guide you through the process of setting reminders in Acumatica.

Here are the steps to set up reminders in Acumatica:

Step1. To enable reminders, open the web.con1 file for your site instance, typically located in % Program Files%\ Acumatica ERP <Instance Name>Replace <Instance Name> with the name of your application instance website.

Step2.  Look for the reminder section in the file, which contains the following settings:

     • <add key=”ReminderVisible” value=”false” />

     • <add key=”ReminderRequestedPeriod” value=”60″ />

     • <add key=”ReminderActiveMode” Value=”false” />

Step3. Modify the following key values:

      • Change “ReminderVisible” to “true.”

      • Change “ReminderActiveMode” to “true.”

Save the configuration, which will automatically restart the website. 5. Next, navigate to the Events screen and create an event for a specific entity by selecting the Reminder checkbox on the screen. Set the Start and End times as needed. Also, users can choose the type of reminder they want in the ‘Related Type’ field. They have options like selecting reminders for vendors, employees, or specific entities associated with either employees or vendors.


By go to related entity screen, you are able to see popup reminder for the event.


Setting reminders in Acumatica is a easy way to ensure you remember important tasks and deadlines, helping you stay organized and on top of your responsibilities.

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