Quick Rewind: Acumatica Summit 2024 Highlights

By | February 7, 2024
Acumatica Summit 2024

Let’s rewind and relive the excitement of Acumatica Summit 2024! Returning to the Wynn Las Vegas, this year’s summit was nothing short of incredible. Packed with interactive learning, exciting product launches, and innovative solutions, it was an event to remember. The atmosphere was buzzing with ideas, creativity, and shared strategies for tackling both familiar and new challenges.

Aligned with its motto of Engage, Network, Connect, and Learn, Acumatica Summit 2024 offered three days of non-stop engagement. With over 3000+ attendees, the event provided a unique opportunity for everyone to connect and learn from each other. This phenomenal event featured lively sessions, key announcements, game-changing innovation, and valuable industry insights.

Take a visual tour of the Highlights here –

Booth 703: The Acumatica Consulting & AMS Hub by Greytrix

This year was truly remarkable as we got to participate in Acumatica Summit 2024 as a VAR Partner and Silver Sponsor. As part of our commitment to empowering businesses with Acumatica, we offer a range of services –

  • Acumatica Consulting: Our certified Acumatica Consultants can bring your business aspirations to reality with customized Acumatica solutions.
  • Acumatica Application Management Services (AMS): With our round-the-clock support, we ensure your system’s peak performance without any issues/bugs.
  • Seamless Integrations with GUMU™: Streamline integration with our GUMU™-powered Acumatica solutions, designed to deliver high value and simplified integration experience.

Insightful Keynote Sessions: A peek into the Acumatica future

Opening Keynote: Day 2

  • John Case – CEO, Acumatica

John Case, Acumatica’s CEO, started the day by making significant announcements. He spoke about Acumatica’s growth as the “New Era ERP” and emphasized tackling inflation with four pillars. We also saw Acumatica’s new logo, which symbolizes the company’s vision of ‘Building the future of business together’.

  • Sanket Akerkar – Chief Revenue Officer, Acumatica

He elaborated on Acumatica’s unbeatable framework, highlighting scale, support, and innovation as the foundation of the cloud ERP’s success. Renee Schafer, Director of Operations Telesis joined him on stage to share how Acumatica facilitated their growth and scalability

  • Aliya Rakimgulova – VP, Global Support Acumatica

She shared insights about Acumatica’s robust support system, highlighting its security measures and how users can benefit from the Always Current Program.

  • Ali Jani CPO, Acumatica

His dynamics & electrifying session covered modern tech benefits and how Acumatica enhances decision-making with reliable data. He even introduced the Professional Services Edition, which simplifies accounting and customer lifecycle management.

  • Jessica Yutrzenka – Partner Development Manager

She welcomed award-winning companies to share their success stories, highlighting Acumatica’s impact across industries.

Keynote Session: Day 3

  • Ali Jani – CPO, Acumatica

Day 3 started with Ali Jani’s power-packed session, which recapped opening keynote’s highlights, unveiled the product roadmap, and emphasized Acumatica’s cross-industry capabilities.

  • Acumatica’s Prowess: An Industry-Driven Solution

    Joel Hoffman, Debbie Baldwin, Kelly Squizzero, and Josh Fischer took to stage to elaborate on Acumatica’s multi-faceted features and how they help streamline Construction, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail Industries.
  • Dough Johnson – VP, Product Management, Technology

    He Shed light on upcoming advancements, including Acumatica Payments and native payment processing.
  • Mikhail Shchelkonogov – CTO, Innovations

He Offered a glimpse into the future, emphasizing improvements in UI, customization, and reporting/analytics, with R1 2025 already in the works.

These keynote sessions underscore Acumatica’s commitment to innovation, support, and scalability, shaping the future of businesses across industries.


The Summit perfectly balanced learning and fun with its Welcome reception, XS Nightclub party, Closing Reception, and Women in Tech. It offered a mix of insightful discussions and enjoyable moments, making the Summit an enriching experience for all attendees.

In short, the experience was truly unique and left us eagerly anticipating future editions! We’re excited to reunite with you there in 2025!