eWare and CRM objects in Sage CRM

By | April 13, 2009

In Sage CRM, for ASP pages customization, we always use eWare.GetContextInfo() or eWare.AddButton() and etc. Have you ever thought, what is eWare?

eWare is an object of ACCPAC CRM class. This object is created and initialized in the two files named as “”crmwizardnolang.js and “accpaccrmNoLang.js”. In order to use eWare object and its related properties and methods, we always include one of these files in our custom ASP page.

Now, sometimes while dealing with server side scripting, we face a problem like “’eWare’ is undefined”, then we just need to check into above two files. See whether the ACCPAC CRM instance has been instantiated properly or not as below:

CRM = eWare = Server.CreateObject(ClassName);

Here, CRM and eWare both are nothing but the ACCPAC CRM’s object and we can use them in ASP Pages, Create Scripts, Validate Scripts and Table Level Scripts. Also, instead of eWare, we can use CRM object. For example: CRM.GetContextInfo() for eWare.GetContextInfo() or we can use both at a time.