Want to Change the View Field for Search Select Advance Field –

By | July 9, 2009

For Primary Entities we have a Special field called Search Select Advance where we can find the list of records for that particular entity.

Normally it displays Entity Name in that field for example Company Name for Company SSA field, Person Name for Person SSA field, Opportunity Description for Opportunity SSA field.
But if you have custom field which you want to display in SSA field for that entity then do this simple change and it is done.

Go to – Administration ->Custommization->Translations

Enter SS_ViewFields as Custom_Family and the Entity Name as Caption Code (Here we have used Company entity) and click on Find.

One translation record will get listed below. Open that record and in US Transalation (If you are using US version, Change the appropriate value as per your version.) replace the Comp_Name with your desired field Name and save the Record.

Now do the MetaData refresh and Relogin the CRM. You can see that instead of Company Name, your desired field value is displayed in Company SSA field.
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