Lead to Person Field Data Merge – For SageCRM Developers

By | July 9, 2009

Most of the developers might be aware of this but for new guys it may helpful.
While creating a new Lead; we have a screen to enter Person details where we can fill Person Name, E-mail and Phone Number etc. You might have observed that when you click on Create or Attach Person button; values entered in these fields get transferred automatically over the person screen.

We can make it work for other custom fields also from Lead to Person.

For Example I have a Field named “Residential Address” for Person which I want to make available from Lead itself.

So what I will do is:

My field in Person entity is
Pers_ResAddressTo make this field bound with Lead entity I just need to create file in lead entity with name Lead_PersonResAddress.

Here you can see that the field name is a bit tricky, field name in Person entity is ResAddress where in Lead it is PersonResAddress this trick enables CRM to map the value from Lead to Person.

Please note that to make this work both the fields should be on Summary screen of correspondence entity. Lead _PersonResAddress should be on Lead Summary Screen and Pers_ResAddress should be on Person Summary Screen.

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