Lead to Company/Person Field Mapping

By | December 11, 2014

One of the fundamental necessities of Sage CRM’s Sales module is to auto – populate the details within the related entities. Fast processing of data has always been proved time efficient and effortless. We all are aware of field mapping functionality between the two entities Lead & Opportunity but, CRM also allows field mapping of Lead to Company/Person entity.
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Now, suppose you need to map data of field holding mobile number present on Lead screen with that on Company/Person screen, follow the below steps –
1. Navigate to Administration | Customization | Lead
2. Create a new field that you need to map. E.g. Field named “lead_personmobilenumber” and add it to appropriate screen.
3. Navigate to Administration | Customization | Person
4. Create a new field that you need to map lead field details to; e.g. field name “pers_mobilenumber” and add it to appropriate screen.
Lead to Comp-Pers field mapping
Similarly to map field details with that on Company screen, create a new field under Lead section with prefix ‘lead_comp(Fieldname)’ and a field under Company section with prefix ‘comp’ that means for above example it would be “lead_compmobilenumber” and “comp_mobilenumber” respectively.
Following these would auto-populate details from lead screen directly to Company/Person screen through ‘Add or Find this Company/Person’ link.
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