Case has been logged. How do I know about it?

By | August 7, 2009

We are in the service and product development for IT industry for close to 13 years now. Although we are the best in the industry we are not Gods. What I mean to say is that, we too have occasional support cases for our SageCRM integration and migration products. From an end users perspective there is one thing which is worse than an issue occurring, that is the issue not being solved or looked into. It would have really driven me nuts if I was the end user and if the support executive says “Really, when did you send it?”

SageCRM provides an excellent way of the customer logging the cases via the Self Service Module. But Greytrix further enhanced this functionality by notifying the concerned persons via an email to check that the case has been created. This could be the SageCRM users or the other people in the same company or group. Greytrix customization uses SageCRM’s standard inbuilt email settings to send an email.

This same idea can be deployed when a user updates a case by changing the status or offers a solution to the case. The concerned people of the company need not log into SageCRM every time. They would be updated with the status every time a case has been added or updated for their company.

There can be more enhancements to this particular but I would keep that as the subject for my next blog :-).

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