Adding Google Search in CRM Dashboard

By | August 10, 2009
As you all know dashboard in SageCRM displays all the information in a summarized format about the open opportunities, pending leads etc. We have been providing solutions to customer to show external websites like Google pages, Amazon pages etc from customer tabs inside SageCRM. This is no big deal. But recently we stumbled across something which I thought was really cool. We added a Google search page in the SageCRM dashboard.

The Google engine not be integrated with SageCRM which means that will not replace the Keyword Search but we overcame the hurdle that only lists could be shown in the dashboard and not any screens. We know this could be done but were not sure how. Here is how we can do it.

You can add Standard Dashboard by selecting the standard categories which CRM has provided. But if we want to add new Category in the available Dashboard then you need to follow few steps to achieve the same:

1. Navigate to “Administration -> Customization” and select System from the available secondary entities which CRM has provided.
2. Click on “Blocks” Tab.
3. To add a new Category just click on “New button”.
4. You can then enter a block name and then select block type i.e. “Content Block”.
5. After creating a new block just click on that content block hyperlink to add a block title and the block content.
6. You can now enter a Title which will be displayed in the Dashboard list, Width, height, select value from Dashboard level field which will be “Available in Dashboard”.
7. The content to add the Google Search link which need to be added in the “Contents” field.
To add Google Search add the below script in the Content field.

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