Sage CRM with Google Maps

By | May 21, 2011
Our customer means a world to us so how about putting the customers on the world itself.
In Sage CRM there are existing add-ons which enable us to pin point a certain customer on the map. The Google powerful mapping features allows you to note the driving directions to his office and use the advance features like the street view and even peep into his office :). As a sales person…err… as a good sales person I would need to know where my customers are located across the state, country or the world. Greytrix had designed a page which will list the customers across the country and here is how it looks.

The layout will give you an idea of where your customers are geographically located. Apart from this other observations could include if they are all clustered at same place. This would mean that the marketing and sales on other regions are not up to the mark. Is there a trend that can be logically drawn by seeing their locations etc.?
Depending on the sales the markers can be set different colors. So your top 5 customers in terms of Sales revenue will be marked in Red. The next 10 can be marked in Orange and so on. So at a glance you will be able to see your top customers and how they are placed in the region. We have also given the option to redirect the user to the respective company once the marker is clicked so that use will get all the information about the customer.
Apart from this certain info like the phone number and email address can be shown to the user when the user moves the mouse over the marker. Interestingly we have even provided the option to edit this or any other info that appears in the information window when you hover the mouse over the marker.
This is just with the Sage CRM data. Just think if we can the maps in Sage CRM with the data in Sage CRM and Accpac then you have a whole new set of features and data. The possibilities are endless, isn’t it?

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