NEWSLETTER tab in Self Service

By | August 27, 2009

NEWSLETTER is something that is very often distributed by various Organizations for publication of particular topic of interest. It is becoming one of the very important tasks being followed to meet the various marketing strategies nowadays. Considering this, Sage CRM has also provided this functionality in the Self Service Support Site.

When we open the Self Service Support site in browser, you see the various tabs over there. These tabs are ABOUT US, SERVICES, SUPPORT, NEWSLETTER, and CONTACT US. These tabs are used for various purposes. SERVICES tab gives you an information regarding services offered by an industry. Similarly, when you click on the SUPPORT tab, login window is displayed where you can enter self service credentials to login to the support site.

But have you ever played with the NEWSLETTER tab in Self Service? Try clicking this tab without logging into Support site. You will get the following error.

Error Type:
Microsoft JScript runtime (0x800A138F)
‘container’ is null or not an object
/CRMSelfServiceDemo/Includes/, line 5

Below is the line in the page where you get this error.


Without logging into Self Service we can’t get the object of eWare and that’s why we get an error that ‘container’ is null or not an object. Once we are logged into Self Service, we get all the properties of eWare dll in a page. After logging in, we can click on the NEWSLETTER tab in order to see lead entry screen.

You can twist this default functionality by changing some of the pages for self service support site and not allowing user to click on NEWSLETTER tab before logging into the support site or either you can provide a link on that page to redirect to login page and force user to first log in and then move to NEWSLETTER tab.

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