Quickbooks – SageCRM Introduction Letter

By | September 9, 2009

We received an introduction letter which you can utilize after editing/mail merging to send to prospects during your marketing campaign for Sage CRM.

This free sales letter promoting SageCRM was written by the marketing and PR professionals at The Sage Closer (www.thesagecloser.com). They were impressed by Greytrix’s recent release of GUMU for SageCRM – QuickBooks, The Sage Closer elected to write a highly persuasive letter to help Sage business partners in North America introduce SageCRM to QuickBooks customers. The intention was not only to help grow the SageCRM install base but also to find ways to introduce additional Sage related software into more non-Sage customers.

For additional ideas on how to target QuickBooks users with effective SageCRM marketing campaigns, including a free one-page version of this letter, contact the marketing professionals at The Sage Closer:

The Sage Closer
16238 Hwy 620, Ste. F-247
Austin, TX 78717 USA
(512) 255-SAGE (7243)

Hope this helps in closing some new deals for you. Happy selling!

Please, write to us on sage@greytrix.com for a copy of this effective marketing tool.