Edit multiple records on single page.

By | February 18, 2010

This is in reference to the below article on sage crm development partners blog site.


The above article displays a very good example regarding how to execute the multiple records on a single page, but consider if there are more than 5 records in person table as shown in the example what will happen with the screen? So why not have a complete standard functionality which gives us the ability to edit the multiple records on single page as well as allows us to navigate through the set of records. We have a component which does the same. Please see the screenshot below for your reference.

(Note: Please click on image to enlarge.)

This is the sample designed with some of the fields from person entity just for representation purpose. However it needs to be modified as per the entity for which we are using it and we also need to modify the save routine accordingly in order to include the fields and customizations we want. Here in we can also have the provision for setting number of records that can be viewed on single page or we can use the standard one provided under user preferences for grids.

Being on the screen of set of records we can click on the change button in order to change the details for those records, save the changes on that screen and then we are again free to move back and forward to change other set of records.

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