GUMU™ Sage Line50 Solutions for SageCRM Integration

By | November 16, 2009

Are you searching for integration between Sage 50 with SageCRM? Greytrix come up with integration between these two systems. Using our GUMU link customer will get there client data on real time (bi-directional) they will able to view clients personal details, AR Details and many more features are provided with this integration.

GUMU™ Sage Line 50 integration is currently compatible with SageCRM 6.1/6.2 and Sage Line 50 version 2009 & 2010.

Key Features:

1. Synchronize all your Sage Line 50 customers as Companies / Persons in SageCRM.
The integration link synchronizes all your AR customer data from Sage Line 50 and links the same as Companies / Persons in SageCRM. This is a one time process where users will have to synchronize all data into the tables of SageCRM and thereafter the link works on a real time basis, where any changes made to the customer information in Sage Line 50 will be updated in SageCRM automatically. Alternatively any changes made to the summary information of the company in SageCRM will be reflected instantly in the Sage Line 50 system.

2. Viewing of all Open and Posted Invoices in Sage Line 50 from the SageCRM.
SageCRM users can now view all updated invoice information against the customer which is stored in the Sage Line 50 system from SageCRM. This information is available in a new created tab called ‘AR Inquiry’. With the filtering option in SageCRM, users can view the list of all invoices that is pending (open invoice list) as well as paid (posted invoices) against the customer. What’s more?? Any changes made to the invoices in Sage Line 50 are instantly updated in SageCRM.

3. Generate Orders for customers in Sage Line 50 instantly from the SageCRM screen.
Salespersons and other users of SageCRM can now enter orders into Sage Line 50 instantly from SageCRM. Using the opportunity of SageCRM, users can enter a new order with the information and promote the created order into Sage Line 50. Thus both systems are updated without the need for redundant data entry into the Sage Line 50 system.

Other Features:
1. Promote new Companies created in SageCRM as AR customers in Sage Line 50 from the SageCRM
2. Viewing Order information generated for Customers in Line 50 from SageCRM
3. Viewing all line item information of Orders / Invoices in detail, through the SageCRM
4. Simple one step process of synchronizing information from Sage Line 50 to Sage CRM
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