Update bulk of records property value through one single update

By | August 30, 2008

Need an easy access to update multiple records in a search result and applying the same changes to the same property in each record?
Now it is available in Sage CRM to update multiple records through a single update. We have a tool which we have build for Case Entity; we have added a new tab named “Update Cases” under MY CRM, which will display the search screen for Cases, where user can enter the search criteria for searching the cases.

The search result will come in a grid format. Along with this there will also be a new button named “Set Properties”. Clicking on that will display an entry block for the properties (i.e. fields regarding to Cases Entity) such as Stage, Status, Assigned To that we want to update.

User need to feel the new values here and need to click on Update button and all the resulted cases will get updated with same values.