Survey Module in Sage CRM

By | July 6, 2010

Why do we need Surveys? This question may have several different answers depending upon the organizational goals we are aiming at by conducting online surveys. Conducting Surveys is the most efficient and cost effective way of gathering opinions, suggestions and valuable feedbacks from client in order to enhance the services and survive in competition with other market competitors as well as to achieve good customer retention rate and turnover. Most of the surveys in today’s world spin around the Customer satisfaction level terminology as well said by somebody that “Customers attitude is a better predictor of future customer behavior than that of past”.

Sage CRM has managed to well design and implement the Self Service module. The module is capable enough to handle the client data back and forth to and from CRM. Self service portal is one of the needs of today’s business and so is customer feedback through the same. So we came across an idea of developing a fully integrated Survey module application intended to work like every other survey program on web as well as it was needed to be so flexible so that it can be comfortably managed from within CRM by CRM users. The idea was put forward in our yearly conference and after hours of discussion and development sessions with some of the intelligent heads in organization the finalized structure came to reality with version 1 just out.

Survey Module is meant for the businesses having continuous client interactions and the people who understand the importance of client satisfaction. This module works on two different levels.

1. Sage CRM

  • Surveys can be created from within CRM.
  • For each survey we can define number of questions and the answer type has to be set for the expected answer from client. Currently the answer types provided are Textbox and Lookup. More options are to be added in future as enhancement.
  • The traditional survey template design approach is followed while presenting Survey to client. The same approach can be inherited in any web page using the same logic.
  • A survey launching functionality is provided in CRM itself. Using this functionality, CRM user can launch a survey against the particular person group configured in SageCRM. The email, based on a template configured, for the same with Survey page link is sent to every single member of group.
  • The feedbacks that are collected for every survey launch are stored in CRM and presented in similar manner as that of survey page. We can either view them all under particular survey or go to the person summary and see the feedbacks he has submitted for several surveys under a tab.
  • Preview functionality has also been provided in CRM using which CRM user can make sure that the survey design being sent out to client looks proper.
  • With the feedback data stored in SageCRM the scope of analysis and studying of customer feedback is endless. The data can now be displayed in grids, graphs etc to understand patterns and act accordingly.

2. Self Service portal

  • Once the link is received by client via an email and as soon as client clicks on the link, the module integrates with CRM to design Survey page.
  • The question answer format designed in CRM is presented to client wherein client can enter his/her feedback very easily and click on Submit button to submit the feedback that can be analyzed right away in CRM.

Cross Functional flowchart with roles of actors involved in the module is as shown below.

The way you see your customers think about your product can be very much different from the way they are really looking at it. So go ahead and read their minds.

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