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How log files are maintained in Sage CRM

For any application one of the most significant features that should be incorporated is to track the error generated at the run time. Trapping the error is highly important as it not only signals at the affected area but also saves time in resolving the issue. New Stuff: XML based Fusion charts in COM API Sage… Read More »

Workflow for Secondary Entity

Workflow in Sage CRM can be easily configured for Primary Entity but the out of the box system is not configured to handle workflows for Secondary entity. Jeff, as usual, came up with this fantastic workaround in his blog post http://community.sagecrm.com/partner_community/b/hints_tips_and_tricks/archive/2007/12/23/adding-workflow-capability-to-a-secondary-or-custom-entity.aspx Using the above link we were able to enable the workflow for the Secondary… Read More »

Identity increment in CRM tables

Primary keys in SQL tables allow us to uniquely identify the rows. These keys also allow us to establish the relationship between tables based on foreign key-primary key concept. Though we can have different id field names in CRM tables, the standard primary key feature is well maintained with field names like “_” (e.g. Case_CaseId).… Read More »

Data Import Routines

Though CRM systems are capable of maintaining and managing Business related data thoroughly over the web, most of the business structures still won’t allow the data entries to be done in actual working environment. For such prospects, even if Sage CRM holds the greater importance from business perspective, the web architecture of CRM can’t be… Read More »

Custom Search Screen should retain results when user navigate away from the search screen and return to it

As per the standard Sage CRM functionality, Company (any Standard Entity i.e. Person, Communication, Lead, Opportunity, Cases) search screen retains results when user navigate away from the search screen and return to it. Bur this is not applicable for any custom entity search screen. Custom search screen does not display search results when user navigates… Read More »

GROUPS functionality for custom entity

GROUPS is a very efficient feature provided by SAGE CRM using which we can collectivelly refer to the several entity records at the same time for performing particular action. This functionality is available for all the standard entities in SAGE CRM like Company, Person, Cases, opportunities etc. Now, what if you want this functionality for… Read More »

Custom Entity E-Mail Sending.

Can we create a Template for Custom Entity in SageCRM? No. Then what to do if we want to send an E-Mail with a Template which contains fields from custom entities? We have solution. We have developed an component which will create a Template containing fields from custom Entity which we could be able to… Read More »

Custom Entity Mail Merge?

As per the standard SageCRM functionality we could use the Mail Merge functionality with Standard Primary entities only. Do you want to activate this functionality for Custom Entity? We have developed a component so we could be able to use Mail Merge functionality with Custom Entity. We can Add the fields from Custom Entity in… Read More »