Use SageCRM on your Terms

By | September 17, 2010

Whenever I install SageCRM there is a screen in the installation wizard which we mostly tend to ignore and move on. I am talking about the terms and conditions screen. The terms and conditions that you see are Sage Terms and Conditions for using the SageCRM product. These terms and conditions are applicable to the company who buys the product. I am not much of a legal eagle but I would like to believe that if the company accepts it then it means that the terms and conditions are applicable to its employers as well and they are supposed to abide by it.

But what if there are certain terms and conditions that you would want the users in SageCRM to accept or the customers from Self Service to Accept before they commence the use of the system. After all it’s your organization’s data and you need to make sure that the person (internal or external) is aware of the terms and conditions before SageCRM or Self Service Module is used.

To overcome this “critical” hurdle we have made changes to the SageCRM and Self Service portal so that it will display the terms and conditions immediately on login. The user has to accept or reject them. Acceptance of the conditions will allow the user to proceed and rejection would obviously take him out of the system.

What’s more, these terms and conditions are configured in SageCRM so in case there is any change in the content then it can be configured very easily.

Here is how the terms and condition popup looks in SageCRM interface.

The terms and conditions in the Self Service will looks like this.

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