Handling URL’s in COM API part 2

By | January 14, 2011

In my previous blog, I had explained how to handle the crashing of pages by passing the parameters in URL.


In this blog, I would like to explain how to create the URL at Server side, access them and use them at the client side scripting. Well, this scenario mostly comes when you are making use of Iframe in programming.

Suppose, you have created custom continue button url at the server side as follows.


var Btnurl = eWare.URL(“Test.asp”));
eWare.Button(“Continue”,”continue.gif”, Btnurl);

Now, if you wanted to access the same continue button url or some other variable at the client side as it was created at the server side and accordingly do the validation. This case mostly occurs when any key value is not coming in your server side URL and to get that value you need to go to the client side. Has anyone think of it? Check this out how it can be achieved.


var lc_URL = ’< %= Btnurl % >’;

Here, in above case I have declared a variable lc_URL at the client side as shown above. That’s it. Now, you can have same url in a variable lc_URL that you have in variable Btnurl.

Hope this helps!

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