Greytrix Sage CRM/ – Product Import

By | April 30, 2009

SageCRM apart from being an excellent web based CRM also offers other features like data upload. This option enables a user to import data from a flat file into company, person and address entities of SageCRM.

But one other thing that is most frequently imported in SageCRM is the product import. Since there was no viable solution available in the market Greytrix decided that it was about time that we developed one. Greytrix came up with an add-on that could import data from an excel spreadsheet into the product entity of Sage CRM.
Technically speaking the product entity in any CRM is not the easiest of the entities to import data into due to the pricing structure. Each product has multiple pricing lists and each price list has multiple UOMs (Unit of Measure). Hence the product price is a combination of UOM and PriceList. Hence what you see on the CRM screen is a matrix of the UOMs and PriceLists.
Another challenge was to make the utility compatible with i.e. the hosted environment; Greytrix chose the SageCRM web services since it works with the hosted and on premise versions of SageCRM.
Greytrix also provided the users with a excel template. The users are supposed to put in all the products in the excel sheet as per the format specified and the utility would migrate the data from the excel sheet into SageCRM product entity along with the pricing. The routine will check of the product already exists on the basis of product code. If the product is found then it will be updated.
I am sure that all companies will not have the same product and pricing structure. Hence if you have a product and pricing structure that is different from what is provided with the setup then the developers at Greytrix would be willing to make changes to the product to suite your requirement.