Phone and Email can now be validated

By | February 11, 2011

In the past (and I mean really in past) the mode of communication were pigeons and in more recent past it was messengers who would pass information and messages from once place to another. Please note that the messengers specified in the above line were actually people and should not to be confused with present messenger software like MSN, Yahoo etc. There obviously a vast difference between the two. The earlier messengers were more reliable :).

In today’s fast and competitive world email and phones are used as the modes of communication. Even though these two occupy a very small place in entire Sage CRM they, in turn, are the most important pieces of information if you need to get in touch with your customer. Don’t you think that when the data is being entered or undated in these screens should be valid? I certainly think so.

Considering how the Sage CRM is designed and CTI integration functionality in embedded in Sage CRM one does not get a chance to do much screen level validation of numbers or email address on the phone and email screen. Having said that we, at Greytrix, have devised a way to get the data on this screen validated and verified during new entry and during update as well. We have even auto populated the state and the phone area code based on the zip code selected by the user. This is just a small example of validations are possible on the phone and email screen in Sage CRM. Other validations that have come up are validations of number of characters in area code and phone number etc. We can certainly incorporate more validations based on the customer request. This means that one screen which was out of our grabs all this which is now customizable.

Good going guys, keep it up.