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Importing email and phone details of contacts from Sage X3 to Sage CRM

GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage X3 Integration is a real-time bi-directional integration between Sage CRM and Sage X3 enables users to access customer, invoice and order information from either of these two systems. We are releasing soon a new setup for GUMU™ Sage CRM – Sage X3 integration which is version 1.1 for CRM… Read More »

Alter length of Phone Number Fields in Sage CRM

In our earlier blogs posts, we had explained how to set field length at run time using JavaScript and jQuery. Following are the links for the same. 1) Set field length at run time in Sage CRM 2) Changing max allowable length of Text field using JQuery New Stuff: Using Primary Key Column of an… Read More »

Phone and Email Structure Changed in Sage CRM7.1

In the Sage CRM version we found that Sage has done away with the Pers_PhoneCountryCode, Pers_PhoneAreaCode and Pers_PhoneNumber fields for phone and Pers_FaxCountryCode, Pers_FaxAreaCode and Pers_FaxNumber for fax numbers which were part of the person table. Likewise, the pers_emailaddress field has been excluded from the person table. Now this data would be stored in Phone… Read More »

Phone and Email can now be validated

In the past (and I mean really in past) the mode of communication were pigeons and in more recent past it was messengers who would pass information and messages from once place to another. Please note that the messengers specified in the above line were actually people and should not to be confused with present… Read More »

Multiple Phone Number Entry for a Person

Need to enter multiple phone numbers for a Person? In a Standard Sage CRM, you can not enter more than 5 mobile numbers. Are you willing to enter more than 5 telephone numbers for your client? Solution: A new Tab will appear on Person Tab Group Named Custom Phone. When user will click on New… Read More »