How Sage CRM changed Structure of Phone and Email in Sage CRM 7.2

By | June 18, 2015

Hi folks! You all must be familiar with the following entities in CRM ”Email”, “Email Link”, “Person” ,“Person Link” ,”phone” and “Phone Link“ table .These are the tables where person’s and company’s communicated related details are saved. But when you want to check one of these details in database for the related company or person we have to make use of joins to fetch the required data accordingly, which becomes very tedious. In this blog I will explain you the new way how you can achieve the above work.
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Sage has introduced a new table in CRM 7.2 version onwards named as “CRMEmailPhoneData”. These table stores the data related to Person, Company, Email and Phone. So by simply using select query on this table you will get the data in one go. So, no need to link several tables to get the data’s.
To make my point more clearly here below I am attaching a screen shot of attributes/columns present in “CRMEmailPhoneData” table.
select * from CRMEmailPhoneData (nolock) where epd_Deleted is null

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