Order and Quote Reference Number

By | April 30, 2011

In Sage CRM, the reference number in Order and Quote entity is auto populated and ready only field where the value in viewed only when you save the record. By default the format is “ORD-#O/#N” where ORD is constant, #O is the opportunity id and #N is the incremental number. Like all good practices, Sage CRM has made this format configurable to the administrator. To make changes to this format you need to access Administration -> Data Management -> Products under the Product Configuration tab

However the formatting options are not documented but we have retrieved some of them which we have tried and tested. I am listing it down for your reference.

#O = Opportunity Id
#N = Next order number for opportunity
#D = Day
#M = Month
#Y = Year
#U – Current logged on user as an ID
#L – Current logged on user as a string
#C – Current logged on Team as an ID.

So a format string “SO-#Y/#O/#N” will produce references like “SO-11/102/1” where 11 is the year and 102 is the opportunity ID.

If you get your hands on more formatting options then feel free to share.

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