Checkbox Setting on Saleslogix Web Client

By | May 31, 2011

Here is what I experienced when I used a check box type field on the web client. I had designed a simple screen on which I had placed checkbox controls. When I clicked on Save button I used to get a “truncate error” message. I felt that value entered in one of the fields of form is exceeding its length.

Then after some more investigating I found out that checkbox on a form is bound to a Boolean field in the database and the field size of a Boolean field is 1. When I checked the Save routine by running SLXProfiler I found that check box is returning True or False instead of T or F. On this point I thought I got the root cause of error could solve it increasing the checkbox field size 5 chars. It web client was not done with me yet.

Now, when tried to save the data, I got another error message saying ‘StringConverter’ is unable to convert ‘System.String’ to System.Boolean’. As the error stated there was an error in converting a String value to Boolean. The issue was again with the check box control. Hence under Application Architect I found the cause of this error. When I observed the Data type of checkbox field was showing Text. So I had to change the data type property of this field to True/False to fix the issue.

Hence be whenever you add a new checkbox type of field be sure to check the data type and the field size that you have specified.

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