Error while installing bundle in web client

By | March 16, 2012

Sage Salelogix provides an easy and robust way for performing the customizations and creating the bundles of the same. Bundles then writes back each change to each table in the Saleslogix database that was edited. It thus helps implementers, Pre-Sales Consultants and Certified Partners to reuse the package, for implementation specific Customizations easily.
Recently while installing the bundles in web client I got the below error. Initially thought that bundles were not prepared correctly. So I created a new one; but the same error popped up again.

In the next level of troubleshooting I kept the bundle in the C: drive directly (thinking the error due to bundle being kept in a location whose path length is exceeding the size limit) and also made sure that there is no space between the path. The issue was still standing tall.
On mouse hovering over the red error message, I got the full description of the error “The path chosen does not represent a valid bundle file. The model type: Sage.Platform.BundleModel.BundleModel was not found.”  As mentioned in the error I had already checked the valid bundle path. On investigating more I found that below mentioned 2 xml’s are used for creating and installing bundles in SalesLogix.
You can find these xml files at the below path.
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sage\Platform\Configuration\Global\
One strange thing I observed here is that same bundle is installed successfully on other machine with same database. Therefore to resolve the issue I have just replaced the above 2 xml’s from the working machine and it did the trick!