Missing MIME types in IIS Sever

By | July 7, 2011
We have developed custom import routines for various Sage CRM entities where the user can import data from excel/csv files. Following the standard Sage CRM functionality all types of information i.e. successful migration, validations, errors generated during the import are logged in files on the server. Now the users will not have the access to the server’s locations so it is imperative that we show the users the logged data in the browser itself just like you can see various Sage CRM logged information under Administration > System > Logging
In one instance we came across an error which stated that “…one of the MIME types missing in IIS server”. To go around the issue here is what you can do
1. Go to IIS Manager by typing inetmgr in Start > Run
2. Click on Server Name and on the Right pane Choose MIME Types
3. Above given are the MIME types in IIS stores extensions of various file types like .asp, .aspx, .text, etc… and it get the reference from it and open the file.

4. In our case we want to open the Log file of the import but it was failing do so because in the list .Log type was unavailable. After adding it to the list show log button was working fine as expected.

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