Greytrix voted as First Sage Gold Development Partner of the Year for SageCRM at Sage Summit

By | July 11, 2011
Thanks to all our friends and followers who made this possible once again in 2011. A big congrats to our friends (Sage Development Partners) too for other Sage Product Lines.

Read more how Greytrix and GUMU add value to your SageCRM….

Source Sage Summit 2011 Diary…8 Questions with Greytrix

Greytrix can be found at booth #326 during Sage Summit 2011.

1) Who are you and what does your organization do?
Greytrix is one of few truly GLOBAL development partner of Sage catering to development of products and providing end to end services to Sage Partners of ALL major ERP/CRM Product Lines throughout the world! We are one of the largest and most experienced development partners and have created a history of having done thousands of customization/ modifications to all erstwhile ACCPAC (CRM, Advantage, Pro Series), Sage UK (Line 50, Sage 200 formerly MMS) and erstwhile Best Software (MAS 90/MAS 200/MAS500, Saleslogix) Product Lines.

We have mastered the art of scanning the product lines, and fill up additional features (horizontal and vertical), integrate applications, easy migration tools to product lines. Utilizing our vast experience, we have developed “GUMU™” framework, the common unifying one word for partners for all their migration and integration needs for Sage Product Lines. Our three pillars of quick turnaround time, high quality and relatively low cost of ownership is renowned and have made us win a number of development partner awards including Sage Development Partner of the year award for 2004 and 2006 in recognition for our products as well as customization services we provide to partners. We have also been recognized as the First Gold Development Partner of Sage Software.

2) What products and services do you offer in conjunction with SageCRM?

GUMU for Sage CRM – Sage MAS 90/200 (Works with Standalone and EES)
GUMU for Sage CRM – Sage MAS 500
GUMU for Sage CRM/ – QuickBooks
Greytrix Web Order Entry for Sage Pro
Greytrix Web Order Entry for Sage Accpac

GUMU for Sage CRM – Sage ACT!
GUMU for Sage CRM – Goldmine
GUMU for Sage CRM – Maximizer
GUMU for Sage CRM – SalesForce
GUMU for Sage CRM – Legacy Application (Custom Migration)

Real Estate Management Module for Sage CRM
Service Management Module for Sage CRM

Product Import for Sage CRM/
Bulk Merge for Sage CRM
Archival Routines for Sage CRM

3) Why should Sage partners and customers visit your booth?
Three reasons Sage CRM Partners should visit our booth because:
– To check out our comprehensive Integration solutions with more advanced features than Sage EES.
– New vertical solutions for Sage CRM which can be marketed to upcoming segments
– Look for new partnerships for Sage CRM customization and virtualization. Do visit our booth if you a vertical idea which you would like to explore in partnership and listen to a joint development plan.
Three reasons SageCRM Partners should bring their Customers to our booth:
– Give a powerful demonstration of the integration between ERP and CRM
– Any customers in Services or Real Estate Industry needs to come and check our CRM specifically for them
– Any customer looking to convert from ACT!, GM or other CRM systems to actually see how the data will look in the Sage CRM after conversion

4) Are you offering any free give-aways?
Nothing this year.

5) Where can you be found online? Also, we have a dedicated blog for SageCRM with 300+ Posts its the most searched blog for SageCRM questions

6) What do you hope to gain from this year’s Summit?
We would like Sage Partners to make use of our vast experience and expertise in Sage CRM. We would like to forge new partnerships and explore ways to build new and innovative solutions at a low cost with knowledgeable partners. We bring on the table a one stop solution provider for all vertical, migration and integration and options of working with a single source for multiple product lines. We would also like to gain from insights of customers and partners and feedback for the new developments, verticals and innovations released in the last year by Greytrix.

7) What is your favorite feature of SageCRM?
Its ability to integrate with any other system
Features which enable a user to easily customize it as per the business process e.g. workflows and escalations

8) Why do you believe SageCRM is the best CRM product on the market?
Sage CRM is a feature-rich Customer Relationship Management solution which is easy-to-use and fast to deploy. Apart from offering configurable business process automation Sage CRM allows you to quickly analyze, manage, and synchronize sales, marketing, and customer care activities across all points of contact, giving you true business visibility. Also the ability to link with Social Media and iPhone provides access to Sage CRM for users on the move.
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