IIS Security in Sage CRM v7.2

By | January 6, 2014

Sage CRM has a sophisticated security mechanism using which users will be able to access only a particular set of data records. The entire data can also be restricted to the users. Recently we have observed new security matrix added in IIS for Sage CRM v7.2. i.e. User is Logged out automatically out of Sage CRM if Sage CRM remains in an idle state for more than its threshold limit specified in IIS.
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If Sage CRM v7.2 remains in idle state for more time, you will observe unasked logout from Sage CRM (Refer below screenshot) and user has to again login back to get access to data.
This can be easily managed by changing few things in IIS. Here are steps that you need to follow to change the settings so that user will remain logged in even if Sage CRM remains in an idle state.
1) Start | Run and type inetmgr command which opens up Internet Information Services (IIS) manager.
2) Navigate to Application Pools and select Sage CRM App Pool and then select Advanced Settings options which are in the Actions panel.
3) Advanced Settings screen will be displayed as shown below.
4) You can even read the description which is displayed when you select Idle Time-out (minutes) under Process Model. It is self-explanatory.
5) Expand the Process Model section and set Idle Time-out (minutes) as 0. By default it is set to 20.
You can do reverse of the above steps if you want to minimize idle time-out and apply strong security within the organization for accessing Sage CRM data.
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