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By | July 15, 2011

Some words that I saw on the advertisement on my way home

“Of all the dreams that person dreams in his lifetime, the most desired is the one for owning a house. It is much more than just a real estate purchase or an investment opportunity. Every individual aspires to have a private space that he can call as home”

Certainly very touching no doubt. But industries like real estate, where each sale is a huge investment from the customer needs to be managed properly or else the dream would turn into a nightmare and you wouldn’t want your customer to have one of those.

With the real estate industry presently on boom it is imperative that we have some system for management of the customers, prospects, projects along with the stages, Lease of units, Sale of units, Rent of units, Payment tracking, End user documentation management, Invoicing process with ERP system etc. After a quick search I realized that there was nothing like this available in the market. We all know how powerful Sage CRM and Accpac integration is and how it helps you in getting a 360 degree view of the customers and its opportunities. If we customize Sage CRM to fit the real estate industry then the linking it has with Accpac would make it really awesome end to end system.

With this “noble” thought in mind I got about development of this vertical. I spoke with a few civil engineers and some industry experts as to understand what, according to them, would be required to maintain and use such a system. Here is final list which is also a part of the vertical developed by Greytrix.

Real Estate software solutions help companies to integrate all data and processes of an organization into a single unified system that has different modules as enumerated below which broadly covers all key functional areas:

• Sales – relates to all aspects of customer sales
• Engineering – covers logistics, stores management and operational task aspects of ongoing projects with associated MIS reports
• Accounts – operational costs, overheads, recoveries, cash/bank payment transactions, budget allocations for ongoing and new projects, etc.
• Purchase & Stores – all procurements linked to the project, store management with inventory
• Payroll – automatic compilation of staff salary, TDS, requisite labor compliance details and records
• Maintenance – complaint completion status, templates for tax and other receipt heads, auditor remarks, etc.

Management of Multiple Companies & Projects

• Designed to Explore the Units sold/available/on-hold as per the client’s preferences. Direct entry to booking form from availability status screen
• Comprehensive Customer Information (Individuals & Non-Individuals).
• Rule based Pricing – The Pricing for various Units/Unit Types/PLC etc can be defined for different durations.
• Multiple Payment Plans for Basic, PLC and additional Services based on predefined as well as undefined dates.
• Payment Plans are editable for individual customers at any stage.
• Validation – All Transactions can be validated from zero to four levels before final approval
• Key Reports available across various Projects for sales, collection, expenditure, Outstanding etc.
• Cost incurred by the company on the advertisements by various dealers and their conversion ratio can be computed.
• Work Schedules, appointments and tasks with their priority status for all executives and managers.
• Multi Site, Multi level Stock & Inventory. Handles the inventory of all construction materials, consumables equipments & asset items at different project sites along with their purchase and supplier details.
• Items can be defined for the particular site i.e. a particular site will be able to view only those items which comes under it.
• Generate Purchase order linked with purchase requisitions.
• Maintain vendor details from whom Items are being purchased.
• Maintain Reorder Level of Items and warn accordingly.

Obviously the real estate industry works differently in different countries hence if your functionality is different from what is stated then we can customize the product for you. After all you are customers as well and we want your sale to be like a dream just like the person buying a house.

Home Sweet Home 🙂

[We would like to Thank our Partners, Followers and Friends for making this possible. Greytrix named as (First) Sage Gold Development Partner of the Year 2011 – SageCRM. Winners were presented at the recently held Sage Software’s Largest Partner and Customer Conference, Sage Summit 2011 at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center in Washington D.C.]

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