Table Level Scripts

By | August 2, 2011
In SQL we use “Triggers” to handle some activity after insert, update and delete operations on some SQL records.
Sage CRM provides a similar option within the application in the form of TLS (Table Level Scripts). The predefined events in TLS i.e. Update(), Post Insert(), Delete() and Insert() allows you to have operations on insert, delete and update operations on records. But does it have the option of handling the old values and new values just like SQL does with the “inserted” and “updated” tables? Not quite but it does have something very similar.
Say if you need to track the audit of data that has been changed on a particular entity then you will need it in the form of new value and old values. If the last name has been changed from “Doe” to “Smith” then you can get access to the new value using Values(“Field Name”) and the old values can be obtained from eWare.GetContextInfo(“”)

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