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Mandate Company’s Phone and Email Address using Table level Script

Sage CRM has proved beneficial for small or medium sized companies to handle the Customer Relationship Management in an efficient way. The base structure designed in the system itself is so easy to understand as well as promising that the system users will be equipped with all the information related to the Customer in a… Read More »

Table Level Scripts Logging and Performance

In SageCRM, Table level script can be used for replicating SQL trigger like functionality.  Table level scripts help us handle the data update events properly and do corresponding actions within SageCRM. The beauty of it is we can use SageCRM API and write server side JavaScript like functionality to function similar to that of triggers.… Read More »

Retrieve Primary Keys in TLS

Table Level Scripts (TLS) are an alternative method of creating SQL triggers that can be performed in Sage CRM system. Table Level Script (TLS) are used to perform various operations after inserting records, updating or deleting records in Sage CRM. To perform operations, it is necessary to fetch the primary ID of the current entity in… Read More »

Table Level Scripts

In SQL we use “Triggers” to handle some activity after insert, update and delete operations on some SQL records. Sage CRM provides a similar option within the application in the form of TLS (Table Level Scripts). The predefined events in TLS i.e. Update(), Post Insert(), Delete() and Insert() allows you to have operations on insert,… Read More »