No valid Web Host License Available

By | July 25, 2011
“How is your day going, mate” my colleague poked his head in my cubicle and asked me. It was a perfect day outside, bright and sunny. In India the sunny climate is not as well received it is sunny most of the year. However it was a Friday afternoon and I was getting ready for the weekend and with most of tasks completed for the week, I replied “Just wonderful”
I was left with my last tasks of the day which was to update my Saleslogix system and with this noble thought in mind I logged on to the Saleslogix web client, put in my credentials and tried to logon. The system returned a message stating “No valid Web Host License Available”

I had not got this “friendly” message before. Somehow the day seems a lot less bright and sunny. “Me and my big mouth” I thought. After the initial feeling of “Why me and why today” type feelings had settled down I decided not to just give it away and think.
Looking at the error I thought web license of the user is either expired. So I checked the web licenses by logging into the Administrator and navigating Licenses option under System menu item but here all licenses were available.
Now Operation “Save Weekend” was on. After some searching I realized that this is not an issue with web host license but rather an issue of cache license information. Stage one i.e. “Identify the Error” reached. I knew that the cache license information for application architect appears in SLXSystem.exe so I manually stopped the process.
Now the last step was to restart the service.
Run services.msc command.
Select the SalesLogix System Service and restart the service again.
Take care while restarting the service as this service is dependent on other services SalesLogix DBEventing and SalesLogix SpeedSearch.
Run the IISReset command
Opened the URL again, put the user credentials and clicked on log on and, guess what, I was in. Hurray!!!
In short Mission accomplished, No casualties, over and out.

[We would like to Thank our Partners, Followers and Friends for making this possible. Greytrix named as (First) Sage Gold Development Partner of the Year 2011 – SageCRM. Winners were presented at the recently held Sage Software’s Largest Partner and Customer Conference, Sage Summit 2011 at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center in Washington D.C.]

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