Import Key Attributes in Sage CRM

By | August 18, 2011

Sage CRM’s Key Attribute Profiling feature enables you to build a detailed profile of your customers and prospects over the course of the relationship. These attributes are stored, reported on and used as a basis for future marketing activities. Key attributes are user-defined and easily track the date and call-to-action for a campaign, while providing real-time budget/cost analysis for every level of your marketing effort.

Designing and entering the data for key attributes from a fresh install of Sage CRM is easy. But if you already have the CRM with a lot of customers, opportunities, communications etc and now you decided that Key Attributes is a great feature in CRM and now you would like to use it. One option is obviously to go to each company record and set the data for each of the categories that you have configured. But I am sure we have lots of other important and productive work than doing data entry for a few thousand records.

You would say, come on lets update the SQL database directly like we do it for company, person and other standard entities in Sage CRM. Good thought but for this you need to be absolute geek in SQL, Sage CRM because the data for the key attributes are not stored in single tables like the other entities. Because of its dynamic nature it is spread across multiple tables. To make the matters more complicated for this type of an approach the tables used to store key attributes are common tables that used by the system to other info as well. So just one incorrect entry, and your Sage CRM system is likely to go for a toss.

So how do we do it? Greytrix has come up with an import tool which will enable simple people like me to import the data from a file like excel or csv into Sage CRM key attributes. The tech savvy and CRM gurus in my organization have put in a lot of time to ensure people like me don’t have to rack their brains to understand things like table structure, primary ids etc. Obviously the import would vary depending on the number of attributes etc but if I am allowed to give a really whacky name then the “framework” is ready and we just have to make a few changes here and there.

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