Sage CRM Product Import

By | March 9, 2009

Greytrix released a new tool that will import the products from an excel sheet into Sage CRM and Sage

Like most of the other integration products, the product import tool uses Sage CRM web-services to import data in Sage CRM.

Along with the installation, Greytrix provides the user with the excel spreadsheet template. The user has to enter all the details as per the format specified in the excel template and then do the import.

The tool not only adds but also updates the pricing, unit of measure etc for existing products. Hence the user can use this over and over again. The tool handles multi currency, multi pricing and multiple unit of measures (UOM) for products.

Apart from this standard template, Greytrix is also open to make changes to the tool as per the user’s specific requirement. Hence if there is a situation where you have your own spreadsheet with a different format then you can send them to us and we will tweak the product to read it from your excel spreadsheet.