Import Customer from Sage PRO to Sage CRM

By | November 19, 2015

GUMU™ Integration for Sage CRM-Sage PRO provides an easy import process for customers from Sage PRO ERP to Sage CRM. Once user is done with the Sage CRM side configuration Import Customer feature becomes available to them.To import customers from Sage PRO to Sage CRM you can follow below steps:
1. Navigate to Administration >> Greytrix PRO integration >> Import Customer. You will find the below screen:

New Stuff: GUMU for Sage CRM-Sage PRO is now compatible with latest Sage CRM 7.3


2. Select Company: If there are multiple Sage PRO companies integrated with single instance of Sage CRM, then select the company from which you wish to import customers.
3. From and To Customer Number: User can import data on the basis of customer number range by entering the ‘From’ customer number and ‘To’ customer number.
Note: If you do not enter any value in any ‘From’ and ‘To’ customer number and still if you click on ‘Sync’ button then it would import the entire customer from Sage PRO Company to Sage CRM.
4. Click on Sync button to import customers depend on the selected criteria.