XeWare Document Drop Plug-in

By | August 26, 2011

Nowadays various business softwares are relying largely on ActiveX components for using third party tools. After all, it is one reliable of the many ways available for using software components in programming language independent way as an integral part of Component Object Model.

Document Drop is one of the functionality in Sage CRM which uses the ActiveX plug-in. However modern day browsers are very specific to the security settings on users systems and ActiveX is considered as a main pain point for them hence comes disabled by default. Whenever we open CRM, login for first time and go to Calendar tab, we see the Document drop button marked as Red cross sign and you get the prompt as given below as the XeWare Document Drop Plug-in is not yet installed.

Here you can click on More Options button to choose from the options to Always install, Ask or Never ask and then click on Install button. If you select always install this prompt will not be displayed on that machines browser again as it will always install the plug-in automatically. If it is set to Never ask and say Don’t install, it won’t prompt again even though it is not enabled. So make sure to select Always install option. If you do not see this prompt and still the red cross sign in place of document drop plug-in, you can try below active settings in your browser.

1. Go to Tools à Internet Options.

2. Select Security Tab.

3. Click on Custom Level button.

4. Move to ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins section.

5. Set

a. Allow Prompting for ActiveX controls à Enable

b. Download Signed ActiveX Controls à Enable

6. Close all browser windows and restart browser. Then open CRM and go to calendar tab to see whether the prompt occurs. On the prompt click the down arrow button and select the option Always install to not to face this error in future.

Sometimes even though the plug-in is installed, you keep on getting the Access violation errors on accessing Calendar tab. You can refer below post on Sage CRM Partner community to resolve the same.


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