Document Drop Functionality in Communication tab of Sage CRM

By | May 29, 2013

Document Drop feature in Sage CRM allows users to drag-and-drop files as an alternative method of uploading attachments. It provides a short cut for linking documents, e-mails, or any type of file from another application to customer data in CRM. In addition, if a document is dropped onto the icon in any of the communication lists, a new communication record is created and the document is saved as an attachment to the communication. As a result, whenever user uploads a document in Sage CRM; all uploaded documents are added into library table.
Recently, one of our clients came up with an issue. The issue was regarding the document drop functionality in communication Tab. After uploading the document, a new entry is created in Library table.

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Everything seems to be working fine at front-end level for the newly uploaded document. Users are able to view the attachment properly in CRM. When we check the same record in Library table, we found that the document name got saved with different name at back-end level.
Allow me to explain the same in detail; the document name was test.docx file and when uploaded the same using document drop option in communication tab, the document name got saved in the library table as Test33811251.docx

It seems that it appends a random number to the document name in the library table. The same functionality is working fine from documents tab of any entity. The file name saved in the system is the original file name when we dragged and dropped the document from documents tab.
Generally, users get panicky when they check the record at database level, but there is nothing to worry since the functionality remains the same at front-end level. Users can view this document properly in Sage CRM.
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