Permissions error on document drop

By | March 25, 2011

Documents and library are the most efficient and useful functionalities in Sage CRM, however when we plan to move library folder to some other storage media or on other server there are number of security concerns that must be taken into consideration. We have posted several topics on this blog site to help you with maximum settings needed to be changed. Just adding one more post to that knowledgebase.

Some days ago I came across the error on document drop functionality. The error description was like “An error occurred saving the document to the library”. The error was occurring on some of the workstations. Wondering why this might be happening. Is it because of the network settings or domain authentication setup in IIS?

What I understood till date is for library functionality to work, an user used for anonymous login to your web application or CRM to be specific, must have rights to write to the physical path under library. You need to check which user account is used for anonymous logon through IIS. To do so you can follow below instructions.

1. Click on Start >> Run.
2. Type in “inetmgr” to enter in IIS.
3. Under server name expand Web Sites and the expand Default Web site.
4. Right click on the directory of your CRM version and go to Properties.
5. Click on Directory Security tab and then Edit button under Anonymous Access and authentication control section.
6. See which user is set here for anonymous logon.

After finding the user as above go to Library folder of your Sage CRM installation. Right click the same and go to Properties >> Security tab. If above user is not available in the list here add it from the Add button and give full control by checking “Full Control” checkbox for that user. Click OK to save changes.

If you are using domain user as anonymous user you may even need to configure it as impersonate user under Administration >> Email and Documents >> Documents and Reports Configuration.

Well, there might be several possibilities to cause the error, but this is what I followed to resolve my problem. Something is better than nothing :-)…

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