Attached Multiple Documents in the Communication

By | September 23, 2011

In the communication list screen we have the Document Drop functionality where we can drag the document and it will open the communication task screen with the attached document. But in this functionality we can attach only one document. In case of a scenario where you need attach multiple files to a communication on the new screen that is initiate via say, a workflow then the document drop would not be an ideal scenario. Also the user will have to spend more time in attaching multiple attachments to the document by visiting the document tab after the communication has been saved.

As a workaround we thought of providing the document attachment in the communication entry screen itself. Here is how it would look on those communications that are created via the workflow.

The user will just have to browse and upload the documents and the same would be attached to the communication.

Following the standard Sage CRM functinality, the attachment would be available under Document Tabs for the company and person. If the communciation has been crated under opportunity or case then these documents would be viewed under those tabs as well.

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