Delete Recent List item in CRM

By | September 21, 2011
In Sage CRM we have an option to view the records we have recently visited using Recent button. When we delete a record in the custom entity the instance from the recent list is also deleted. But has anybody come across the below error in CRM when accessing a record from Recent List.

This error can occur when the custom entity’s record is deleted but still is seen in the Recent List. Ever wondered where the data displaying in the recent list is saved? It’s saved in the user_recentlist field in the user table. One way to get rid of the error is by clicking the Clear hyperlink in the Recent list else we can avoid it by updating the user recent list when a delete is performed. The instance of the record needs to be removed from the user_recentlist field. In your custom pages, if you have provided the option to delete the records then make sure that you delete the record entry in the user_recentlist as well.

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