Sage CRM .Net Tips and Tricks

By | October 10, 2011

In my earlier post I had explained checkpoints that needs to be checked before using .Net API.

Today I will be explaining the some of the development tricks that I have observed while writing Sage CRM code in .Net API.

1. Tab focus:
After clicking on Continue button and navigating to Summary tab, the Summary tab is not focused or highlighted. Here is how you can do this.
The code on the Continue button is written in .NET API as follows by inheriting the Data Pages.

ContinueMethod = “RevenueCaseListPage”;

This I changed to.

ContinueMethod = “RevenueCaseListPage&J=Summary”

Here, &J refers to the tab where you want to navigate after clicking on the continue button. Depending on your code, you need to add other parameters in the above code.

2. Error in Custom List:

While creating custom list page in API, the Navigation and Sorting on each column is not working. As this is a custom list, I compared my code with List pages that are generated using Entity template and I found a workaround for this.


I have just added the above line in my code where the list object is created and the error goes away.

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