Enable Sage CRM Entity for WebService

By | November 28, 2011

Sage CRM has very well implemented Entity structure to address the concerns of many business modules and efficient methods to access them from COM API as well as external utilities. We can design and implement Primary as well as secondary entities on the fly based on the requirement. All these entities are consolidated under single section Customization under Administration tab. We can create entities very easily using Entity wizard. We can apply entity type Like “Primary/Secondary”.
Using the wizard functionality one of our clients created an entity called WebInquiry as secondary entity in SageCRM as well as the pages. All went fine until they were using it through CRM. They have a website through which they wanted to take the Inquiries directly, hence needed external connectivity. CRM provides efficient way to do this through web service however while updating the data through web-service they were getting the error like table is not web service enabled. Below is the extract of set of instructions I had provided to him for resolving the error.
1. Log in to SQL Server
2. Select Sage CRM database
3. Click on the New Query button
4. Please refer below query to find out the entity id
select * from Custom_Tables (nolock) where Bord_Caption =’< Entity Name >‘
5. Please refer below query to set “Y” value
update Custom_Tables set bord_WebServiceTable=’Y’ where Bord_Caption =’< Entity Name >‘
6. Select the Refresh All and click on the Execute Refresh button.
7. Log off from the CRM system.
8. Run the IISRESET command
9. Login to the Sage CRM system.