How to Migrate your data from Sage CRM Cloud to on premises Sage CRM

By | December 20, 2011

Cloud or Hosted solutions are the buzzword businesses are looking at for moving their ERP or CRM solutions. But there may be a need to get your data in-house. We often come across this query and same has been discussed many a times on Sage CRM Community.
Putting this in our blog for our readers to know how easy it to move their data from (Cloud/Hosted) to Sage CRM (Desktop/On Premise), its almost like 1, 2, 3…
1. Contact Sage: To start with, one has to contact the local Sage office for moving their data from their SageCRM online account to on premise Sage CRM. You can also contact them by using this link (Select Your Country)
2. Data: Once you have contacted Sage office and sent the necessary details required. They will then send you the backup of the database and zipped library folder which has the information of your Sage (Cloud/Hosted) account.
3. Restore: The final step would be to restore the database and the library folder you got from Sage to your on premise SageCRM installation and you are good to go.
Just ensure, before moving to a live system you had a prior test of the system and confirmed everything is working fine.
It’s an effortless and trouble-free three step process to go through to migrate your Sage CRM online to an on premise Sage CRM.